Investment Planning

Everyone wants to reach their financial dreams or goals ensuring the protection of their CAPITAL for the safety and security of their FAMILY. But it is very difficult for a common person to choose the right vehicle necessary for them to achieve their financial goals. Because of this fear, many of us choose the wrong vehicle which takes us to a completely different destination or almost nowhere (which we realise at a point of time when it’s too late to start afresh). Everyone wants to gain HIGH returns from their investment without taking any RISK of capital. But it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to get OVERWHELMING RETURNS taking ZERO RISK, then how to make it possible? There are lots of scientific methods with which I can help you to get your dreams fulfilled. Consult me to know more.

Child Education Planning

Every parents wants to plan their children’s education as early as possible and almost all of them dreams to see their children pursuing the career they desire in their future and be ready to fulfill their dreams. But to achieve this we need PROPER PLANNING at PROPER TIME as the educational expenses are rising at an ALARMING RATE. If the amount of tuition fees needed to be paid to a certain private engineering college today is Rs. 1 lakh p.a, then it can easily be Rs. 6.75 lakhs p.a after 20 years (assuming inflation rate of 10%). You cannot plan to accumulate the required amount by mere savings because you need to OVERCOME the inflation and TAX deductions too. So, will your child’s dream go into vain? No, absolutely not. Consult me to know more.

Retirement Planning

A study reveals that most people in our country are not aware of RETIREMENT PLANNING at all. Even if someone have given a thought about it, then that also after 40 years of age when it is too late to PLAN fresh. Assuming you are 40 years old now and your family expenses are Rs. 10, 000 p.m, now if you retire at the age of 60 your expenses are likely to reach a whooping amount of Rs. 46, 000 p.m which will gradually rise to an insane amount of Rs, 2, 17, 000 p.m when you are 80 years old (assuming inflation rate of 8%). Now is it wise to leave the responsibility of your IMPORTANT after-retirement-plans on the hands of some pre-defined retirement products advertised to you, or do you need the help of an expert to INVESTIGATE your personal desires and PLAN specifically for you. Consult me to know more.

Life Insurance Planning

Uncertainties are an unavoidable part of our human life and death, accident, illness are built into the universe by design and can happen anytime, anywhere and to anybody. But unfortunately most of us consider “Life Insurance” as a means of getting “Tax Benefit”. And most of the time people even choose Life Insurance from their old and traditional belief that this is the ONE & ONLY trustable way to invest for their future. It has also been observed that most people even imitate their friends, colleagues or other family member for taking Life Insurance. But is your “life” exactly same as that of your friends, that you can imitate them fully without any second thought? Do you know the type and coverage of Life Insurance you appropriately need for your personal life? There is a scientific and systematic way to calculate this. Consult me to know more.

Health Insurance

Everyone is well-aware of the rapid growth in medical expenditure now-a-days. We do not wait for government hospitals for treatment and move ahead towards private hospitals and nursing homes which bears a huge expenditure. Just think once that today you and your family have a proper health, but in the near future anything can happen and that can bring a disaster to your financial condition by damaging all your savings and investments all at once. You may be having a health insurance already, but are you sure of its capability in insuring you and your family needs properly?. You may also put the argument that your company is taking care of this matter completely and you need not to take any headache about it. But are you sure that the coverage will continue even after you retire? It’s the right time for you to THINK and ACT. Consult me to know more.




You are 25 years of age, and want to retire at the age 60, i.e. after 35 years. You can earn anything more than 10k+, and can save more than 2k p.m. for investing if you wish. You might be earning 30k or 60k or whatever, but here I am considering an average urban Indian who is earning 10k or 12k or anything like that and can afford to save more than 2k p.m. 

Now, What Would You Like To Do?

Choice 1

Start now and invest a total of 8.4 Lacs (8,40,000) distributed in a span of 35 years (till your retirement).

Now you will have to invest 2,000 per month for 35 years, which will result in an invest of total of 2000 * 12 * 35 = 8, 40, 000 (8.4 lacs)

You can pay less than 12% of what you pay in Choice 2 (read choice 2 now). I am sure that you must have got a hint by now that which choice will lead you to generate more money, but there are some obvious assumptions.

In this case, you are investing for a term of 35 years. What is the return you should expect in this case? In the last 29 years of history, Indian Equities have returned 17.5%. So on that basis we can expect the same return of 17.5% or lesser.

Choice 2

In this case, after 15 years , when your salary is increased and you have good amount of money , then you can invest Rs. 72 lacs (72,00,000) , in a span of 20 years (when you are 40 years of age).

You can invest 30,000 per month for 20 years, so you will be investing a total of 30000 * 12 * 20 = 72, 00, 000 (72 Lacs) .

In this case you are investing for 20 years, and we can easily expect a 15% return here.

Let’s Reveal the Secret and See the Numbers Now.

Choice 1: You pay Rs. 2000 per month for 35 years @17.5% CAGR , resulting in a total amount of Rs. 5.9 Crores.

Choice 2: You pay Rs. 30, 000 per month for 20 yrs @15% CAGR , which will result in a total amount of Rs. 4.5 Crores.

The graph below shows how the money increases with each choice (Early Start and Late Start) 


Now what is the Ultimate Learning? 

This article is for all those people who are driven by a false idea that they don’t earn much money to invest. There are many who earn 7K, 10K or 15K per month and there are many who earn 30K,40K , 50K per month. People who earn less, often think what can a small amount of Rs. 1K invested on a monthly basis do. But they fail to consider the effect in the long-term due to the power of compounding.

Wealth is generated by people who invest early, smartly and with discipline, and not by them who earns a lot of money and keep it in their bank’s locker.

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