I consider myself to be such a Financial Planner for whom the SAFETY, SECURITY and GOAL of the client is of prime importance. I strongly believe that finance is such a subject which when presented in an easy and interesting way can make it more effective and trustable to the client.

Over so many years, the thing that I have mostly experienced is that most of the people are not even aware of the reason why they are actually investing their money. So, the first thing I concentrate on is to set a PROPER GOAL for my clients and use various intuitive and highly-scientific tools to calculate the RISK taking capabilities of my client and PLAN their investment accordingly. But for me the SAFETY of my clients is the first priority and therefore I prioritize on creating an EMERGENCY fund for my clients to overcome uncertain or adverse situations and SAFEGUARD their primary INVESTMENT GOAL. This is how I try to maintain the SAFETY and SECURITY of my clients at the same time opting for HIGHER RETURNS.


Since 2006, I am strongly involved in the finance sector and have helped an immense number of people in reaching their financial goals. I believe that if I was unable to help my clients then I would have not been able to continue in this sector with well-reputation and trust for such a long time. During this time, I have observed after working with various personalities like College Professors, Doctors, Government Employees, Teachers, Corporate Officers, HNI, etc. that the first thing that needs to be done is to spread PROPER financial awareness among people. I have been using email, social networks and personal conversations to spread financial awareness among people in the right way. Most of my clients have also appreciated my sincere EFFORTS and INVOLVEMENT in each of their INVESTMENTS throughout the tenure and ensuring MINIMUM RISK and MAXIMUM RETURN possible. I have also tried my best in fulfilling the goals and dreams of a wide variety of clients which is evident from few of the Testimonials.


The thing that I strongly believe is to keep up the TRUST, FAITH and BELIEF that my clients have always blessed me with. For me the most important thing is to RETURN back the TRUST that I have got from my clients over MONETARY returns. The word SATISFACTION is highly subjective in nature and it completely depends upon person to person, but I have always tried my best to understand the needs of each of my clients and have tried to SATISFY them the way they desire. Few highly reputed personalities who have been satisfied with my work have shared a few words of their own in the Testimonials page. You can also check the Recommendations page to see how some of the most reputed personalities are recommending my work.