Using this portal, you can view the current position of any investment (like in Banks, Post Office, Insurance, Shares, Commodity, Real Estate, PPF, etc), anytime and anywhere. To create your online profile, please contact roy’s Finance who will be providing you with your username and password to access your portfolio.

All your mutual fund investments will be automatically tracked, but we request you to update your other investment portfolio details manually like a bank, PPF, real estate, etc. so that you can have a complete picture of your entire investment status. You can also download all your data in PDF or Excel format and keep a hard copy anytime.

You can always view the current return of your investment, but REMEMBER not to get biased on short term returns. Always FOCUS on your expected return to fulfill your ultimate financial goal in the long term.

NOTICEThis online software will be given to all roy’s Finance investors for free for the first 2 months after that only PREMIUM investors (under fees module) will be able to continue accessing it. This portfolio is just a small part and beginning of all the benefits, premium investors are going to get over time.