For the last 4 years, I am mixing with Mr Asoke Roy and feel very lucky to have such a friend, philosopher and guide. Mr Roy has an incredible adaptability with potential clients. His ability to feel the need of what the client wants, makes customers feel comfortable with him. Mr Roy’s personal touch and connection with the client’s whenever they need, always makes them feel happy and confident over their investments. Out and out, a very knowledgeable person with a positive attitude and energy. His motto of life is “Give me your problem, I am here to solve it for you”. I wish him all success in his life and career.

Suman Dan
Mr Asoke Roy has really worked very hard to increase the financial literacy level across our geography. Mutual Fund is a prescription product and not an OTC product. He always recommends products as per the needs of the client and helps his clients to achieve there financial goals just the way they wanted. I wish him all the success in his life. Tarakki Karein!

Aniruddha Chaudhuri
HEAD, Emerging Markets / ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd