I have been working in the financial sector since 2006 and had the opportunity to work with a variety of professionals from various fields of work like Doctors, Professors, Govt. Employees, HNI (High Network Individuals), IT Professionals, etc.

I believe that there cannot be a general approach which can satisfy the needs of all of my clients, therefore I try to give my best efforts in understanding the needs, desires, goals and dreams of each of my client in-depth and try to provide the best possible service in every way to satisfy them in their own way.

Client satisfaction have always been the fuel for me to continue my work for such a long time and it always will be. I believe that I have been able to satisfy (almost) all of my clients and here are just a handful examples of that.

Mr. Asoke Roy, is my financial advisor on whom I can completely rely without any hesitation. He is a dependable guide and pathfinder to reach one’s desired financial goal in a befitting manner. He has adequate knowledge about all pros and cons of different investment alternatives. His guidance are need-based and varies with individual’s own demand. He is always in touch with his clients and happy to help them. His promptness is admirable. Being a client of Mr. Roy, I am very much comfortable.”
Dr. Chanchal Debnath
M.V.Sc, Ph.D, Head / Department of Veterinary Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
I do not know much about Finance / Investment planning. Through one of my friend I got acquainted with Mr Asoke Roy. Due to the paucity of time (I know my foolishness cannot be an excuse for not planning my future goals) I have started depending on Mr Roy. He is a patient listener with a smile in the face always, has enormous knowledge and has the capacity of injecting the positive attitude towards investment inside you. Still I do not understand much but can make out that my investments as suggested by Mr Asoke Roy is multiplying at a much faster pace and is in the right direction to fulfil my future objectives. Whenever anyone approaches me with any financial proposals (may be my friend, relative, old acquaintance which happens with everyone) I do not forget to crosscheck the same with Mr Roy who have protected me on several occasions from taking wrong / fatal decision. I recommend you to get associated with him and feel the warmth of acquiring a good friend who understand the investment strategies and live peacefully.
Arup Halder
I met Mr. Asoke Roy more than half a decade ago. I was firstly charmed by his behaviour, then by the adequate knowledge in the proper field and finally by the dedication to his work. He has the ability to make the customer understand and convince about the goodness and utility of the various financial schemes. You could argue with him in various financial aspects and he tries to provide you always with a logical view maintaining proper patience. He has the urge of getting himself updated. He always maintains contact with me mainly through e-mail which make me updated also about the fiscal policies, mainly of India. Thus I found him a really good financial consultant, maintaining true professional attitude in the strictness of the term.
Dr. Basudeb Bhattacharyya
I am in close contact with Mr Asoke Roy since 2006 and it has been a valuable experience working together. He has guided me and have helped me a lot to achieve my financial goals in a scientific way, ensuring high returns by maintaining the security of my investment all the time. He has the ability to maintain regular contact with me through phone and email and has been there always to help me out with my financial problems with honest and wise suggestions, advices and solutions. Needless to mention, it was only after meeting him, I was able to realize the difference between savings, deposit and investment which in turn of course will capitalize me. I have also recommended many of my relatives, friends and colleagues to work with Mr Asoke Roy and I wish him a dynamic, peaceful and prosperous life.
Asish Ranjan Das
I am associated with Mr Asoke Roy since 2008 when he first gave me an idea regarding the investment with a goal. I found his financial suggestions are practical, updated and truly fruitful in achieving such goals. His advices was always with me during my financial need. I recommended him earlier to all of my colleagues, friends and relatives. I wish more success in his future endeavour.
Dr. Indranil Samanta
I have always admired the honest and sincere financial service of Sri Asoke Roy. He guided me like no one else did. At present his advice works nicely for all of my financial orientation and more to my extended family members too. His encouraging e-mails along with inspirational quotations and motivational thoughts of great men have always taught me a lot. His work culture is different to that of many other financial consultants. Hope his financial consultancy career would be great beneficial to many.
Dr. Asit Baran Ghosh
M.D. (CAL), M.B.B.S. (HONOURS), DIP.B.M.SC. (CAL) / F.I.A.M.S.
I have known Mr. Roy for many years and he has consistently and diligently provided me with the right advice and information. He listened carefully to my needs and has responded with clear, practical, down-to-earth advice. It's not easy to find a Financial Advisor that will truly deliver independent advice but Mr. Roy does this time and again. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Roy to anyone that needs expert advice on any financial matter.
Dr. Surajit Baidya
I have been working with Mr. Asoke Roy since 2007 and it has been a wonderful experience to share my financial problems with him and he have always put forward his views towards the solution of the problem. I have got immense help from him towards the fulfilment of my financial goals in a scientific and pragmatic way, ensuring high returns yet maintaining the security of my investment all the time. He has maintained regular contact with me over phone and email. I also took many advices and real time solutions from him beyond this investment arena. It was only after meeting him, I got the clear concept of the difference between the savings, deposit and investment and mutual fund and wealth creation. I have also recommended my own brother who is a doctor by profession, to work with him.
Mr. Pijush Kanti Kumar
Mr Asoke Roy is my financial adviser since 2010. At first he wanted to know from me about my financial goals. Then he segregated my investment according to my risk appetite. From his wise and honest advice I was able to realize the difference between savings, investment and deposit. He also taught me the need of life as well as health insurance. Only from him, I came to know that insurance is not the substitute of investment. Mr Roy keeps contact with me on a regular basis. I am very grateful for his wise suggestions and advice. I have always recommend his name to my relatives, friends and colleagues to take his consultancy service.
Soumen Sarkar
I am working with Mr ASOKE ROY since 2009 and have exchanged my amateuristic view about mutual fund with his logical, experienced and informative views which have always enriched me a lot. Mr Roy is a person enriched with good values and thinking which also helps him in his judgements in selecting nature of investments according to the expectations of the investor. Within a short timespan I have also got good returns from my investments.
Sudip Sarkar
I was introduced to Mr Asoke Roy by my friend in 2010. I have been very much satisfied to meet him as well as have discussed various personal financial goals about investment. I do not have enough experience about investment to meet up my financial goals. Then I came to know from valuable statistics through Mr Roy’s e-mails and a have also discussed over phone that how can I achieve my financial goals by scientific way of investment even day after day inflation of market values. It would have been better if I had met him earlier. He is known to me not only as a financial advisor, but also as an honest, humble and polite person. I have also recommended/proposed to my friends, relatives and colleagues to contact with him for his valuable advice regarding savings, investment etc.
Mr. Tarun Kumar Pandit
Mr. Asoke Roy is known to me since 2008. He is well experienced in providing the financial solution to individual to meet one’s expectation and need. His acumen in investment banking and market trend analysis and suggestion paid rich dividend to one’s investment. I personally got immense benefit from his service which led me to my financial management in well-disciplined manner. I wish him all the success in future.
Tarak Mallick
I came to know Mr Asoke Roy probably in the year 2008. Since, then it has dramatically changed my concepts of financial investments ensuring high returns. I became very fond of him because he have always helped me in any type of my investment with wise suggestions and maintained secrecy. I am really grateful to him for his love & affection for me as well as for my family. His amiable, humble and convincing approach have taught me many things, particularly to be gentle, polite and submissive to each & every one, if we desire to succeed in life. Many of my colleagues, friends & relatives are working with him after my recommendation.
Debasis Ukil