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You are at the right place! ROYS FINANCE is a leading AMFI-registered Mutual Fund Distributor in India with over 20 years of experience in wealth management.

Personalised Solutions

Our expert wealth coaches take the time in understanding your unique financial requirements and builds a personalised financial solution to best suit your needs.


Understanding You

We focus on understanding “you” & your unique financial needs and requirements before anything else. We don’t believe in an “one-size-fits-all” solution.


Building Your Solution

Based on the unique data points collected from you, our research team works hard on creating a personalised financial solution to best suit your unique needs.


Executing The Plan

Our team executes the final investment portfolio on your behalf, but all your transactions are approved “only” by you, so that you are always in control.

Our Services

ROYS FINANCE excels in providing personalized financial solutions based on the unique needs & requirements of our clients’, ensuring high returns while minimizing the risk factors. We do not believe in an – “One size fits all” policy.

Portfolio Management

We provide Portfolio Management Services where we manage the entire investment portfolio of an individual and allocate their wealth in various sectors like equity, fixed income, debt, and various other products, based on their unique and personalized requirements.

Mutual Fund Solutions

We help our investors in creating long-term wealth by minimizing the market risks using proven and time-tested techniques like Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and Systematic Transfer Plan (STP). We work with all Mutual Fund companies and provide end-to-end service.

Goal Based Planning

We gather various data points from you to understand your financial goals in a scientific way and build a plan to reach your goals in your desired time frame. We work hard and continuously keep evaluating your progress so that you can live a stress-free financial life.

Insurance Planning

Insurance is an important tool in your financial life that can safeguard you and your family from any unfortunate event that can happen anytime in your life. We work with you in identifying your specific risks and requirements and provide various insurance solutions based on that.

Income Tax Planning

Let’s admit, none of us likes to pay hefty taxes. We, at roy’s Finance, provide Tax Planning services to help you take full advantage of various exemptions, deductions, rebates, etc. that are allowed by the law so that you can reduce your tax liability and create investments for long-term wealth gain.

Why Choose Us?

We are the trusted choice for wealth management of over a thousand clients for more than 15 years, where we believe “what is good for our clients is good for us” and keep our clients’ interest over ours at all times.

Expert Financial Solutions

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Priority Support & Assistance

Personalised Financial Solutions

Financial Education & Awareness

Transparency & Zero Hidden Costs

Our Products

We, at ROYS FINANCE have the experience of working with a wide range of financial products to help provide best-in-class solutions for all kinds of financial problems that our clients face.

Equity Mutual Fund

Equity Mutual Fund invests directly in stocks and gives higher returns than other mutual funds. It is suitable for those who have a higher risk appetite and is going to invest for a longer duration of time.

Hybrid Mutual Fund

Hybrid Mutual fund invests both in equity and in debt funds in a certain proportion thereby leveraging the best of both worlds – higher returns with lower risk.


Insurance is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s financial life. We work with various insurance products like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Personal Accidental Insurance, Home Insurance, and many more.

Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income funds aim to generate “fixed” returns based on an interest rate by investing in various bonds and fixed-income securities and works in a very similar way as Fixed Deposit works.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify personal finance and provide best-in-class financial solutions and services to all our investors and help them grow their hard-earned wealth by scientifically maximizing returns and minimizing the risk factors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see our clients enjoying a stress-free and happy financial life, growing their wealth, and becoming more financially knowledgeable and aware over the years of collaborating with us. Focus on your goals, and we will take you there.


Happy Clients

250 Crore+

Wealth Managed


Years of Experience


SBI Mutual Fund
UTI Mutual Fund
ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
Franklin Templeton Investments Mutual Fund
NSE NMD Mutual Funds
Liberty General Insurance

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