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ROYS FINANCE, an AMFI-registered Mutual Fund Distributor, excels in providing personalized financial solutions based on the clients’ unique requirements and risk appetite, ensuring high returns while minimizing the risk factors.

Portfolio Management

In financial terms, a ‘portfolio’ is a collection of a wide range of assets like stocks, bonds, commodities, and cash which also include closed-end funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Portfolio management is simply the art of managing an individual’s investment.

One of the important concepts of portfolio management is the diversification of one’s assets into various financial investments or categories. Diversification reduces risk and one can engage a financial manager or planner to manage their portfolio. It is important for an individual to make sound decisions regarding selecting the best investment options keeping in mind their age, income, and risk tolerance.

ROYS FINANCE provides Portfolio Management Services managing the portfolio of individuals according to their personal requirements and allocating their wealth into different sectors like equity, fixed income, or debts.

Types of Portfolio Management

Active Portfolio Management

In this type of portfolio management, the manager is typically concerned with maximum returns. They are likely to purchase undervalued stocks and sell them off when the value increases. 

Passive Portfolio Management

Here, the managers are likely to invest in index funds that have low yet steady returns. These kinds of funds are profitable in the long run and they also align with fluctuating market trends. 

Discretionary Portfolio Management

In this case, the portfolio managers have the freedom to take decisions and to choose the right strategy on the investor’s behalf.

Non-discretionary Portfolio Management

Here, the managers provide expert advice and it is up to the investors whether they will accept the advice or not.

Portfolio Management is beneficial for those who want to invest in bonds, stocks, or commodities but possess little or no knowledge about the financial market. Several strategies are taken into account by the portfolio managers to reduce the risk levels and boost earnings.

Processes of Portfolio Management

Identifying objectives: The portfolio managers need to identify objectives that can minimize risk factors and generate stable returns.

Estimating the capital market: The capital market has to be analyzed in order to choose the right investment strategy.

Asset Allocation: To generate maximum returns, the right decisions must be taken to before allocating assets.

Implementing portfolio: The planned portfolio is implemented by investing in profitable investment avenues.

Evaluating and revising the portfolio: The portfolio is evaluated and revised for better results.

Rebalancing the portfolio: The portfolio is frequently rebalanced to maximize profits.

The best way to grow your wealth is by managing your portfolio effectively. Portfolio management helps you to take more and more informed decisions about the right investments you should make. You can plan for your life after retirement, and save for your child’s education expenses or wedding costs by managing your portfolio and consulting a financial advisor in order to maximize your earnings. 

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