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What Are The 4 Types Of Investments?

The four main avenues of investment are Mutual Fund, Equity (or Stock Market), Real Estate and Gold. As per your objective or goal in your life, you need to build a strategy on how much you should invest and on which asset class. This depends on a lot of factors and is different for different individuals. There is no “One

Where Should I Invest My Money?

This is a very commonly asked question that we encounter. There are many places for you to invest your money, but where to invest will completely depend on your specific objectives or goals in your life. It will never be the same for every individual. These are some of the most commonly chosen areas of investment –  Direct Equity investment

What Will Be The Best Investment For 2021?

These are some of the most important and fundamental things you should follow this year to improve your investments –  If you have not started investing yet, start today. Its never too late to start investing Start planning for your retirement as early as you can Create an emergency/contingency fund for yourself and your family Protect yourself & your family

How Do I Invest Wisely?

First, you need to define the goal of your investment. Then you need to perform a cash flow analysis and identify the investible amount. After that, based on your risk appetite and time frame, you need to decide where you need to invest. The judicious advice would be to take help from an expert Certified Financial Planner on this who

Why Is Insurance Needed?

To protect yourself and your family from any kind of uncertain or unforeseen situation that may come up in the future, you definitely need to have an insurance. Insurance is one of the most important step to protect yourself from financial risks. By paying a small amount of premium, you are transferring your financial risks to the insurance company. It

Should I Get Accidental Insurance?

Accidental Insurance can help you pay for any medical expenses or other out-of-pocket expenses in case of any event of an accident. It provides you with the much needed one-time, lump-sum amount to pay for your accidental injury costs. This kind of events are unforeseen and can put you in a financial risk. Having a Accidental Insurance safeguards you from

What Are The 4 Types Of Insurance?

There are different varieties of insurance available for different aspects of protection, but these are the 4 most important types of insurance that one must avail in order to safeguard their financial life. Term Insurance Health Insurance Personal Accidental Insurance Home Insurance

What Is The Meaning Of Insurance In Simple Words?

Insurance is like a contract between the Insurer and the Insurance company where the insurance company makes a promise to pay for any financial loss in case of any unfortunate event in the life of the insurer. By paying a small fee to the insurance company, the insurer is essentially transferring the financial risk to the insurance company.

How Do I Generate A Second Source Of Income?

There are a lot of ways you can create a second source of income for yourself –  By investing in stocks, mutual funds, real estate, etc. Doing some creative work like graphics designing, writing, making YouTube videos, etc. Starting an online-based business Working as a freelancer and providing different services to clients based on your skillset

Why Do You Need A Second Source Of Income?

Let’s say a person earns Rs. 100 from one source of income and there is another person who earns Rs. 1 from 100 different sources of income. Now, who do you think has a more secure financial life? If the first person loses his “one and only” source of income, he will be left with nothing. But if the second

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