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roy’s Finance, an AMFI-registered Mutual Fund Distributor, excels in providing personalized financial solutions based on the clients’ unique requirements and risk appetite, ensuring high returns while minimizing the risk factors.

Loan Management Solutions

Different people have to take loans for their different needs at different times. Loans can be sorted into two categories essentially – Good Loans and Bad Debts. A Home Loan is an example of a Good Loan whereas Personal Loans, Credit Card Loans, etc are considered Bad Debts.

We provide free guidance and assistance to our clients on Loan Management for them to lead a stress-free financial life.

There are so many people around us living an unorganized life, indulging in unnecessary expenditures, and engaging themselves in loans and debts. In such situations, we would counsel you on how to manage your spendings so that you can always lead a stress-free financial life.

We also help out with the necessary expenses, registrations, payments associated with Home Loans, precisely a blueprint of everything that takes away the weariness of the loan procedures. Besides, we also provide solutions on how much EMI one should opt for to keep cash flow easy in the near future. We provide guidance on making a House Building Loan interest-free and how it can be repaid in the shortest possible time.

We have also spontaneously helped many individuals with their loan problems absolutely free of cost. We refuse to showcase this service of ours even if it’s one of our main services because we believe in providing our best services to our clients in every way possible. In this way, we have helped many of our young millennial clients to control their spending and lead happy and peaceful financial life.

Remember, if you save today, tomorrow belongs to you. If you borrow today, tomorrow belongs to the lender.

The most important and critical step towards financial independence is becoming debt-free. Debt is slavery. Addictions are harmful. Debt is also an addiction. If you aspire for financial independence, this addiction has to go.  Nobody with debt has ever achieved financial freedom. Without changing the lifestyle which got you into debt; you cannot get out.

Modern slaves are not in chains, they are in debts!
The biggest asset one can possess is zero debt.

Other Services

Estate Planning

Everyone has an estate, be it small or big. It may include a car, a home, financial investments, insurance policies,

Mutual Fund Solutions

In simpler terms, a mutual fund is an investment scheme that pulls a group of people to invest in stocks,

Goal Based Planning

Goal-Based Financial Planning helps you to achieve your set goals through proper financial planning and investment. A goal-based financial plan

Income Tax Planning

Tax planning helps to reduce one’s tax liabilities and make the best effort to use tax exemptions and benefits each

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