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Estate Planning

We can help you in planning how your “estate”, which includes all your assets, properties, insurance, pension, belongings, etc. can be transferred to your future generations after your death. Estate Planning ensures that all the wealth that you have accumulated over your lifetime is protected and will be transferred to the right people of your choice.

Income Tax Planning

Let’s admit, none of us likes to pay hefty taxes. We, at roy’s Finance, provide Tax Planning services to help you take full advantage of various exemptions, deductions, rebates, etc. that are allowed by the law so that you can reduce your tax liability and create investments for long-term wealth gain.

Loan Management Solutions

We provide consultation on various loan products available in the market and which ones are suitable for you based on your asset portfolio and unique requirements. Our team has helped a lot of individuals in selecting the right scheme and the right tenure so that we can minimise your monthly EMI.

General Insurance Planning​

Insurance is an important tool in your financial life that can safeguard you and your family from any unfortunate event that can happen anytime in your life. We work with you in identifying your specific risks and requirements and provide various insurance solutions based on that.

Life Insurance Planning

We provide Life Insurance consultation and offer you the right products according to your and your family’s requirements. Life Insurance is one of the most important aspects of one’s financial life that is often overlooked. It provides you and your family with the much-needed safety net in case of an unfortunate death.

Goal Based Planning

Goal Based Financial Planning helps you to achieve your set goals through proper financial planning and investment. A goal-based financial plan can ensure financial security and help you to achieve your desired goals at every stage of your life. Buying a house, children’s higher education and marriage, retirement planning are some of the goals that every investor has. Steps Involved

Mutual Fund Solutions

In simpler terms, a mutual fund is an investment scheme that pulls a group of people to invest in stocks, bonds or securities sharing a common investment objective. It is usually run by an asset management company (AMC). The income generated from this investment scheme is then proportionately distributed amongst the investors levying certain expenses and calculating a “Net Asset

Portfolio Management

In financial terms, a ‘portfolio’ is a collection of a wide range of assets like stocks, bonds, commodities, cash which also include closed-end funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Portfolio management is simply the art of managing an individual’s investment. One of the important concepts of portfolio management is the diversification of one’s assets into various financial investments or categories. Diversification

Retirement Planning

Retirement is the cessation of one’s active working life. It is one of the essential parts of financial planning. This is the phase when one has no income but the expenses are higher due to medical expenses and inflation. Retirement solutions help in determining retirement income and the proper planning to achieve such goals. roy’s Finance offers a range of

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