Why Health Insurance Is Important? – An In-Depth Guide (English)

I am startled and astonished at the same time when I have seen a study report published by The Indian Express on 23rd Feb 2021 where it is told that only 27 percent of Indians have health insurance. You can click here to read about it. On the opposite side, it makes me more surprised when I can see 73

Why Health Insurance Is Important? – An In-Depth Guide (Bengali)

একটা Study report দেখে আমি Just চমকে উঠলাম এবং একই সাথে খুব অবাকও হলাম। Study Report টা হল আমাদের দেশে মাত্র 27% মানুষের Health Insurance বা Mediclaim রয়েছে। To see the detailed report, click here. এই Report টা দেখে আমি ভাবছিলাম 27% মানুষের Health Insurance বা Mediclaim রয়েছে মানে তো দাঁড়ায় 73% মানুষদের কোন Health Insurance Coverage ই নেই। ভাবলে

Car Insurance in India

The Importance Of Car Insurance In India (English)

In today’s world, either everyone has their own car or will have a new one in near future. But most of us do not have a clear idea of Car Insurance. We just take a Car Insurance to avoid unnecessary harassment or fines from police on the road. Whereas, it does not only cover accidental financial loss but also takes

Importance of Car Insurance India

The Importance Of Car Insurance In India (Bengali)

আজকের যুগে প্রত্যেকেরই হয় Car আছে না হলে ভবিষ্যতে হয়ত হবে। Car এর Insurance নিয়ে অনেকেরই খুব একটা ভাল ধারনা নেই বলে আমি দেখেছি। শুধুমাত্র পুলিশ ধরবে বা Fine করবে বলেই অনেকে একটা Insurance করে রাখেন। অথচ Car Insurance শুধুমাত্র Car Accident এর ক্ষতিপূরণ করে তাই নয়, সমস্ত Unforeseen Risk যেমন Fire, Theft, Natural Disaster, Third Party Accident সমস্ত কিছু

Capital Gain Bond

Capital Gain Bonds can help investors avail tax exemption on their long-term capital gains (like selling of a property) under Section 54EC. We help our clients with all the processes related to it.

Sovereign Gold Bond

Sovereign Gold Bond is an investment product offered by the Government and RBI which allows anyone to own gold without owning the inherent risks associated with it or bearing any making charges.

National Pension Scheme

We recommend the NPS to anyone who wants to plan for their retirement early and has a low-risk appetite. It provides old age income with reasonable market-based returns.

Hybrid Mutual Fund

Hybrid Mutual fund invests both in equity and in debt funds in a certain proportion thereby leveraging the best of both worlds – higher returns with lower risk.

Equity Mutual Fund

Equity Mutual Fund invests directly in stocks and gives higher returns than other mutual funds. It is suitable for those who have a higher risk appetite and is going to invest for a longer duration of time.

Fixed Income

Fixed Income funds aim to generate “fixed” returns based on an interest rate by investing in various bonds and fixed-income securities and works in a very similar way as Fixed Deposit works. Our team can understand your financial situation, gather your requirements, and suggest you the right “fixed income” products based on your unique needs.

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