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Prioritize Your Retirement Planning Without Delay (English)

After a hectic day at work, when you hit the bed at night, do you dream of the day when you don’t have to work anymore? Many of us dream of a comfortable life post-retirement but only a few of us get to live a financially comfortable and stable retired life.  From my experience, I have seen the most necessary

Financial Planning In Changing Economy (English)

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the economy of every country. It has left national economies and businesses counting costs and with partial or full lockdown in several countries, many establishments have closed operations leaving world economies to struggle with rising unemployment.  Now coming to our very own country, India, this global pandemic has badly affected its already fragile economy. High

6 Big Financial Mistakes & Their Impact On Your Life (English)

Any important work, if not done at the proper and correct time in life, one may regret it at a later point in his life. Similarly, in personal finance, if the work is not carried out at the correct time, he may have to suffer very badly. Here are the few mistakes that I am pointing out. 1. Not Buying

The Right Way To Make Your Life Insurance Claims (English)

Life Insurance is an important part of one’s life. However, due to the lack of proper ideas and insufficient knowledge, many of us fall into trouble. Life Insurance is not any form of investment but a way to protect your family. In simpler words, Life insurance is a contract or agreement through which a person transfers the Financial Risk Premium

Life Insurance Planning – A Comprehensive Guide (English)

There are still many people who do not have the right knowledge about Insurance and end up buying an Insurance Policy or spend their lives without one. Then, one fine day, when such a situation arises, they regret their decision of not having a policy. Few refuse to shed their old opinions and inflict those ideas into their children’s lives

Personal Finance Thumb Rules To Grow Your Wealth (English)

Knowing the simple rules of Personal Finance can help you even if you do not know the complex calculations of Personal Finance. Here, I will show you such rules or thumb rules of Personal Finance.  Rule Of 72 In how many years will the money double? There are many people who want to know that if they invest today, in

Retirement Is A Big Thing, Don’t Underestimate It (English)

From my experience, I can share that majority of the people usually ignore the most important subject in their life that is – Retirement Planning. Even if very few people think, but there is a big gap between what they think and what the reality is. Due to my profession, I have to discuss with many people of different income

Mutual Fund – A Detailed Guide On Debt Funds (English)

Several people have been wanting to know about Debt Funds in Mutual funds for some time now. In this article, I will try to enlighten you about some very basic things about Debt funds. After reading this topic, those who think Mutual funds mean to share, hopefully, their notion will change. Many people are unaware of any other option for

How Do You Convert Your Home Loan Into An Interest-Free Home Loan? (English)

In today’s concept of Nuclear Family where one is working and has children studying, he/she wants to buy a flat or house on his own. This want has been made possible due to the benefits of a Home Loan. Nowadays, if a person has an average income, banks are ready to provide home loans. The interest rate is also cheap

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